“We are currently leaders in the battery technology since we provide a competitive 5-year warranty on all our products at 80% depth of discharge. Our product ranges are available from 100Ah to 250Ah in TTC Tall tubular conventional with different warranty segment such as 18/24/30/36/42/48 & 60months . These deepcycle batteries offer a great complement to our flooded line built for 400 Watts back-ups for either same or higher (approx. 10 minutes) as compared to other competitor batteries. Our Batteries have a set of uniquefeatures which are completely maintenance free due to the use of special alloy & higher cycle life (3200 @ 50% DOD) in PSOC condition. Each battery has a very low self-discharge(<3%), to take care of storage loss with capacity achieved from the first cycle itself compared to other competitor’s batteries (Capacity achieved in 3-4 cycles). These products also carries the unique feature of no spillage during transit &installation, also emits very low gases during usage of these batteries, you can rely on the fact that the machines will run the whole shift, every shift, seven days a week.”

Our Equipment

Production equipment

Our extensive line of production equipment includes: die casting and superior quality gravity casting machines, paste mixer with automatic controls for weight and temperature, Cone feeder, Pester with flash drying oven, Curing chambers with steam humidification and automated assembly lines with quality control equipment for each process.

Quality Control

Our stringent quality checks include OES & Weld checkers, Short Circuit Testers, Air Leak Testers, Online HRD Testers, Fully equipped Chemical Lab, Spectro Lab, and Sophisticated Electrical Test Lab with Life Cycle Testers, HRD machine, and Medtronic Tester. Manufacturing happens to be our core thrust area and forms the very structure of our operations. The flawless manufacturing facility coupled with a highly functioning research and development cell ensures that we stand at the forefront of battery and solar services.

PDI(Pre-Delivery Inspection)

The world class PDI system which includes many tests to ensure the products are with best in class quality just before sending to the customer.